Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mixed Media Canvas

This workshop is all about being creative while learning new techniques.   You will create our own unique 3D art piece on canvas using Paverpol products plus fabrics and embellishments of your choosing.  Products provided include Paverplast, Art Stone, Relief Decoration, Stockinette and, of course, Paverpol textile hardener. Learning how Paverpol can be used in combination with other products opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities.

Where: Coast Collective Art Centre, #103-318 Wale  Rd. Victoria
When:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Time:  9-4:30
Cost:  $130 + tax
Book through: Coast Collective Art Centre, 250-391-5522,

What to bring:
-         -   an old white or light colored T-shirt (100% cotton)
-         -   a few other fabric scraps to add interesting textures such as ribbing, eyelet, silk, doilies (must be 100%  natural fibers) 
-         -   embellishments such as old jewelry, shells, glass  beads, marbles, etc.
-         -   tight fitting latex gloves (optional)
-         - a rag or old towel for drying your hands
-         - a large garbage bag to take your piece home in
-         -   an apron or paint smock as this can get messy